10 Best Movies Like Fear Street Part One: 1994

As the first installment of the Netflix trilogy adaptation of the horror book series of horror novelist RL Stine, Fear Street Part One: 1994 stands out as one of the better modern slasher films of recent years. Of course, the teen horror film is clearly inspired by many similar films that have appeared before.

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The film is taken from some of the greatest films involving young protagonists, supernatural entities, the occasional element of comedy, and on-screen twists. In addition to the obvious sequel in Fear Road series, the audience likes Part 1 definitely liked another movie with elements resembling a powerful 2021 slasher.

10 Heathers (1989) – Available on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, & More

Heathers Group at Heathers

A cult classic through the 80s Heathers largely occurring in and around suburban American high schools, similar in background Fear Street Part One: 1994. During Heathers not explicitly a horror film, there are definitely some very dark moments that revolve around teen issues that are still relevant to this day in a variety of ways.

Balanced with the dark elements of the film is a combination of dry and clever comedy that fans love Fear Road will likely appreciate. And like an entertaining movie ensemble, Heathers also known for his very memorable characters who trade with each other.

9 Here It Is (2014) – Rented On Amazon Prime Video Or YouTube

Although more gloomy and quiet than colorful and lively Fear Street Part One: 1994, horror movie 2014 It follows has a similar premise for fulfilling supernatural predictions. The story focuses on a group of young friends after a girl accidentally clings to a spirit -like entity, as Sam did in Fear Road.

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It follows very tense and has some unforgettable visuals, both beautiful and graphic. The film will likely leave viewers with questions about paranormal events, and although there is no sequel with such answers Fear Road, horror movie fans will definitely get engaged regardless.

8 Happy Death Day (2017) – Available on Hulu

Happy Death Day - Tree and Killer

Since the iconic 1993 film Groundhog Day, there are many movies with a similar time loop concept, but Happy Death Day combines the idea with the horror genre and gives it the latest comedy edge. The story tells of a college student who is brutally murdered on his birthday, only to have to repeat the day.

Like Fear Street Part One: 1994, Happy Death Day is an entertaining genre mixing cutter that follows a lively young character. And although not much like in Fear Road, Happy Death Day does not provide little LGBTQ + representation in any of its subplots.

7 The Cabin In The Woods (2011) – Available At Peacock

Fear Street Part One: 1994 many take advantage of elements of stereotypical horror, but provide depth and purpose in the story. The same goes for the 2011 hit The Cabin in the Forest is about leaning on horror film stereotypes in an effectively entertaining way.

Cabin in the Forest is a great combination of comedy and horror. Half of the film feels like a serious horror film, and the other half is a humorous genre parody. Love Fear Road, the film features a wide variety of killer villains as well as a dynamic group of teenage friends.

6 It (2017) – Available On Hulu & HBO Max

An adaptation of a recent Stephen King novel Ia somewhat similar to Fear Street Part One: 1994. Though Ia initially adapted for the small screen in 1990, the tone, story, and visuals of the 2017 film are more closely identical to that Fear Road.

The main character in Ia slightly younger than on Fear Road, but the story still follows a group of unforgettable small town friends who find themselves involved with a terrifying legend with a history of years to unravel. In addition, with Ia took place in 1989, some of the aesthetics of that period can also be seen in both of these films. Most importantly, the fans Fear RoadThe unseen elements will love IaPennywise’s main villain, who also terrorizes young players with mind games and a sudden explosion of violence.

5 Assassination Nation (2018) – Available on Hulu

The four main protagonists of Assassination Nation on posters are cut out, decorated in red and holding weapons

Written and directed by EuphoriaSam Levinson, Nation of Murder is a slasher thriller with a great LGBTQ + representation, just like Fear Street Part One: 1994. Its main genres are action and crime, Nation of Murder is a tall, compelling story about a group of young girls who must fight for their lives while hackers immortalize Clean it upsuch as the genocide in their city.

Not only does it happen Nation of Murder also follows a group of high school students, but the film also has some incredible visuals. In many ways, both films have similar lighting and color schemes that work well with thriller motifs while playing.

4 Carrie (1976) – Available On Amazon Prime Video

Shemale Carrie's blood

When it comes to supernatural thrillers about high school teenagers, it’s impossible to exclude horror classics Carrie from the conversation. Another Stephen King adaptation, Carrie widely regarded as one of the best horror films in film history.

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Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Carrie indeed has a very different story, but the whole point is similar. Both of these films reflect important aspects of being a teenager, and they are both full of supernatural and supernatural elements matched with compelling visuals. In addition, both of these films feature female main characters who oppose simple categorization.

3 Halloween (1978) – Available On Amazon Prime Video

halloween 1978 laurie lynda annie

Origin Halloween by far is one of the greatest slasher movies of all time. Same as Fear Road, it has many other installments (the latest of which is titled Halloween Kills, will come out in October), but the most iconic of them all was his 1978 debut.

Fear Street Part One: 1994 will not be as it is Halloween as a forerunner. This is the origin of the well-known masked assailant Michael Myers, a murderous criminal who raged in his small town in America. The film is full of incredible and unforgettable scenes like the climactic confrontation between Michael and Laurie in the closet that clearly inspires all the other cutters that appear afterwards.

2 Scream (1996) – Available on HBO Max

Ghostface killer in Scream

Of all the cutters in film history, Screaming is one of the most famous. From the timeline to the horrible masked villain, it’s hard not to see the similarities between Fear Road and Screaming. This also depends on the youth of his character and is full of stimulating fears and murder mysteries.

Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher was the first installment film with many sequels, series, and spin-offs, which gave many avid fans to watch in the franchise. What else, Screaming ready to get another sequel to be released in 2022 with most of the main cast repeating their roles. The first, not surprisingly, is the best in the franchise because its characters are connectable and its tension is organic. After a quarter of a century, it’s still shocking to see Tatum’s death or the revelation of the killer at the end of the film.

1 I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Available on Amazon Prime Video

One of the most iconic slasher horror movies of the 90s, I Know What You Did Last Summer has a lot of overlap with Fear Street Part One: 1994. In addition to the same time period, the two films follow a group of friends in a small town who engage themselves in a crime that results in frightening consequences.

Like Fear Street, I know what you did last summer full of mysteries that will keep the audience engaged. The film is the source of many memorable scenes such as Helen’s death at a parade in a small town that are sure to be witnessed by fans of slashers.

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