10 Best Movies Like Netflix’s Kate

During its premiere on September 10, 2021, the original Netflix action movie Kate has remained one of the most viewed titles on streaming platforms. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the lead role as a cold killer who has 24 hours to take revenge on a mysterious criminal who has given her a dose of radiation poisoning.

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Praised for his lead performance and exhilarating action sequence, Kate join a long line of immersive action that revolves around female assassins who have moral dilemmas, personal revenge, and / or the entire weight of the world on their shoulders as they carry out their dangerous missions.

10 Anna (2019) – IMDb TV Stream

Luc Besson has been entering the female-centric single killer film market since 1990s films The woman is Nikita. The latest entry of French filmmakers into the subgenre includes Anna, a stylish action extravaganza centered on a Russian runway model (Sasha Luss) who becomes a brutal government hit woman.

Beyond Luss’s physically extraordinary great performance, the film makes the audience generally care and thrive for Anna’s success because of her brutal, parallel childhood Katepast and uncertain future.

9 Atomic Blonde (2017) – Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

Lorraine defeated her attacker on the stairs in Atomic Blonde

Also produced by KateKelly McCormick, Atom blonde clearly an inspirational blueprint for a similarly themed female murder salvo. Charlize Theron proves to be an impeccable action star as Lorraine Broughton, a beautiful but cool professional assassin who faces a series of double crossings as she searches for answers to an impressive murder in East Berlin.

Directed by David Leitch, the film is known for having one of the best action fight scenes, Charlize Theron’s treatment, in recent memory. However, it is her turn of tourism that truly transcends the subgenre on its way to celebrating the empowerment of well-received women.

8 Ava (2020) – Netflix Stream

Ava holds a gun and hides behind a wall in Ava

After directing Jessica Chastain in the first role nominated for an Oscar at Help, director Tate Taylor reunited with the cast for Ava, an unfamiliar story about a female killer who brings herself into a “kill or be killed” scenario after being taunted by her superiors.

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Same as KateWhat makes this film so interesting is that Ava’s moral awareness begins to grow and the sympathy she endures in overcoming the past as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, provokes huge internal struggles like the external threats she faces during a horrific overseas mission.

7 Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) – Streaming On Netflix

Madeleine fires a giant machine gun at Gunpowder Milkshake

While the original Netflix movie Milkshake gunpowder focusing on a group of dangerous female killers rather than ruthless wolves, the film features a variety of equally dazzling and candy -colored depictions that Kate is. Moreover, the theme of immoral and unreliable employers plays an important role in both of these stories.

With breath -taking, hyperkinetic energy, and visual appeal, the film’s style talent is backed up by badass performances by proven female action stars Michelle Yeoh, Carla Gugino, and Lena Headey, to go with Karen Gillan’s surprising emotional center turn.

6 Hanna (2011) – Streaming On Peacocks

Hanna shoots with a bow and arrow in the snow at Hanna

Saorise Ronan gives an ultramagnetic presentation as Hanna, a 16 -year -old girl before her time who had been trained as an assassin by her father since birth. Having been given her first mission abroad, Hanna finds herself at the crossroads of cross -dressing killers with their own hidden motives.

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With swift direction by Joe Wright and an incredible villain turn by the great Cate Blanchett, it was a moral puzzle that Hanna found herself a minor killer and the tragedy had to grow so fast that it evoked sympathy for the character. The film also offers some upstairs shootings that provide some fun in the seating.

5 Kill Bill (2003) – Streaming In Max Go

Beatrix pointed a gun with a sword behind her at Kill Bill

Because of KateThe setting of Osaka and the tangential notion with samurai culture, Kill Bill is a logical sequel to watch as soon as the movie ends. Quentin Tarantino’s classic films referring to karate and kung-fu films in the past also had similar cartoon violence.

Shot and left to die by her husband, Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) conducts a brutal campaign of revenge against the group of murderers who committed her crime, leaving traces of bloodshed she left when she killed her traitors, one by one until her checklist was complete. With a central performance worth appreciation by Thurman, Kill Bill is the best martial arts killer movie since then Lady Snowblood.

4 La Femme Nikita (1990) – Streaming Di Kanopy

Nikita took refuge and held a gun at La Femme Nikita

As alluded to, Luc Besson all created the cinematic female killer subgenre with his game changing The woman is Nikita in 1990. Anne Parillaud set the standard as an ultra-cool femme fatale who dominated male attackers as skilled assassins. Without Nikita, it’s very possible a movie like that Kate will not exist.

The ethical bond that Nikita advised was to choose between serving a prison sentence for a past crime or clearing his way out if he agreed to become a professional killer. Choosing the latter, Nikita operates with intrigue and precision as he becomes more comfortable in his position of power.

3 Lucy (2014) – Streaming on Sling

Lucy pointed a gun at Lucy

Luc Besson improves on the tried and true female killer template Lucy by giving the amplified magnifier (Scarlett Johansson) great power. The plot twists come with mesmerizing results, uniting a zany superhero table with a hard -hitting action film structure.

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When Lucy is kidnapped and forced to take a new contraceptive drug to be smuggled en masse, the drugs dissolve into her body and create a newly motivated super-killer with the ability to harness all of her brain power. Aside from the novelty of the premise and the magic of Besson’s direction, the film is a clear reminder of how evil action star Johansson is. This also makes a statement about the need for men to come back and let women run the show.

2 The Old Guard (2020) – Streaming on Netflix

Andy pulled a gun from behind him at The Old Guard

In one of her best action films to date, Charlize Theron plays the lead role Old Guard, a ragtag group of assassins who must find out who is revealing their secret immortality. With refreshing fantasy wrinkles added to the old murder thread, the film is far more unpredictable than most of its kind.

Beyond Theron’s central turn as a female assassin unhappy with her own dark secrets, the film’s charm comes from the quiet moments of the compelling character-building scenes that emerge in between violent attacks.

1 Salt (2010) – Flow In Fubo

Evelyn pointed a gun while wearing a black trench coat in Salt

In a thrilling combination of international espionage, CIA corruption, and immoral female assassins, Phillip Noyce’s Salt do a lot of things right. The first is to choose the elegant Angelina Jolie as Salt Evelyn, an impossible cipher to read, making this drama completely unpredictable.

When Salt receives a number of intels naming himself the assassin of the next Russian President, he must find out who is guarding him while fighting for his life. In the final 100 minutes, the film passes with one unexpected plot after another, continually changing Salt’s moral position from good to bad and backward, challenging the audience’s loyalty every step of the way.

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