10 Best Regina Board Movies, According to IMDb

Regina Hall has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for decades. His passion and charm has gathered loyal fans who have followed his work throughout his diverse career.

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More than capable of bringing laughter in such comedies Horror film and Girl’s Journey, it may come as a surprise that many of the films with Regina ’Hall’s highest ratings are dramas rather than comedies. As a versatile actor, Hall’s extraordinary talent in playing in drama and comedy is a sign of a bright talent that is hard to ignore by anyone.

10 Shaft (2019) – 6.4

Regina Hall at Shaft looked up

In a continuation of the crime film surrounding John Shaft Sr.’s Private Eye, this third installment is on Poros the series follows John Shaft III. He worked as an FBI security expert until his friend was mysteriously killed. Hoping to solve the case, Shaft III enlisted the help of his mostly absent father, John Shaft Jr., played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Hall plays Shaft Jr.’s ex -wife. and the mother of Shaft III as a forgiving but great individual. While it’s hard to beat the original Blaxploitation actor, Richard Roundtree, and his filming with Shaft Sr., the film is a worthy descent.

9 Support The Girls (2018) – 6.4

Regina Hall looks remorseful in Supporting Girls

Regina Hall’s Lisa is a sports bar manager where she brings her heart and soul to her employees and customers on a daily basis. Still, one day trying to test Lisa’s patience, optimism, and job security.

This independent film is a great opportunity to showcase Hall’s lead role capabilities. He was on screen for most of the show time and a limited amount of time because he was not present, the audience desperately wanted him back. She gives a nuanced and subtle portrayal of a woman who feels too tense while trying to maintain her golden heart in a hard world.

8 Think Like A Man (2012) – 6.5

Regina Hall on the bed smiled at Think Like a Man

Based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book, Think Like a Man followed the four men as they realized that their respective partners had used Harvey’s relationship advice against them. The ensemble has all -star actors, both comedic and dramatic, such as Taraji P Henson, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart (in one of his best film roles), and Gabrielle Union, among others.

Regina Hall plays the role of a single mom who is dating a “mama’s son” and she stands out in the lineup of big players and capitalizes on her wasted time with natural charm.

7 Best Men’s Vacation (2013) – 6.7

Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall at Best Man Holiday

Sequel to The best man, friends from close college to attend vacations, bring drama, competition, and their special laughs.

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This lively Christmas film takes place 14 years after the original film, resulting in many of the beloved characters having grown and matured since they came out earlier. The film is the best example of the right way to produce a sequel, as the film was even nominated at the NAACP Awards. Hall repeats her role as Candace, Julian’s wife, who knows her past as a stripper, which leads to drama and tension.

6 Best Man (1999) – 6.8

Regina Hall was at the top of the crop while 3 men handed it over at Best Man

This romantic comedy classic follows a group of friends gathered for one of their weddings. Still, all is not well when friends gather, as one of them has written a trusted book based on a passionate bride. Each character is different from each other, giving a three -dimensional personality to each individual.

The film serves as Regina Hall’s first film credit as stripper Candace. Being a love interest to Murch, Hall’s role is a small but important one that sees more development in the film’s sequel.

5 People Places Article (2015) – 6.9

Regina Hall and Jemaine Clement at People Places Things in the bedroom

Struggling after a breakup, the heartbroken professor Will must learn to live life as a single father while back in the dating game. The film is a very funny depiction of humor and the life of a single parent.

Hall plays a single mother who has a strong desire for one of Will’s talented students and she brings her comedy skills to her role but shows her versatility by giving her cynical comedy talent. This sardonic spin is a removal from Hall’s special humorous role, which shows Hall has never been a one -trick spin horse.

4 Fully Paid (2002) – 7.1

Regina Hall is looking at Pay Full

Based on the story of a Harlem drug dealer in the 80s, this crime drama accurately portrays the character and emotions of the place and time of the film’s screening. While it can be said that the film covers a territory that is no stranger anymore, the non -exploitative way of presenting the event makes the film a highlight of the genre.

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Unlike some similar films, this film portrays its main characters. Full payment takes place in a burgeoning 80s drug scene, in which a young Harlem man and two of his friends build a drug kingdom. Hall plays the role of Keisha, Ace’s drug dealer’s girlfriend and mother to his son.

3 Love & Basketball (2000) – 7.2

Regina Hall in Love and Basketball

Two childhood friends slowly fall in love with each other as they pursue their dream of playing basketball in this cult classic. In the story of growth and gender identity, all the characters of the film help in the message of the film.

One of Regina Hall’s first films, she played the main sister character. The actors showcased their charisma and talent in this smart and stylish romance. Since the film addresses the idea of ​​ambition, especially ambition through the lens of women, the film makes many reflections worth noting.

2 Law -Abiding Citizens (2009) – 7.4

Regina Hall and Jamie Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen

From the same director who made the visionary Outpton Compton is straight, Citizens who abide by the law is about a frustrated Clyde who takes matters into his own hands when one of his family’s killers is acquitted through an unfair court bargain.

The film is fast -paced, with the audience always captivated by the action on screen. Hall plays Kelly Rice, the wife of Jamie Foxx’s character, Nick. The film is annoying and sometimes awful, making the watch not to be discouraged when it comes to cinematic violence.

1 The Hate U Give (2018) – 7.5

The Hate U Give Russell Hornsby Regina Hall Amandla Stenberg Common

When Starr’s teen witnessed the murder of his childhood best friend by police, he faced pressure from all sections of society. As a result, Starr must learn to find his voice and defend what is right. This thought -provoking social justice film makes a very important point with great actors taking the material even further.

Hall plays Starr’s mother, Lisa, instilling her warmth in the character. As Starr faces tragedy and injustice, it is important for the film to have a strong and centered cast for the role of Starr’s mother and Regina Hall plays this role perfectly.

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