10 Great 2000s Animated Movies That Must Succeed

The 2000s were full of great animated films, as children were treated to vibrant and engaging films such as Monsters Inc., Madagascar, day Shrek. And what’s even better is that all of the films got sequels, and both films even became billion -dollar franchises. Still, there are many other films from the decade that are just as good, and they unfairly miss out on their sequel treatment.

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Either they didn’t get the sequel because there wasn’t enough interest, because the creators didn’t want to, or because by the time there was talk of an expansion, too much time had passed. But between the underrated sci-fi adventures, one of Pixar’s most compelling films, and a Matrix anime, this animated film definitely gets a sequel.

10 The Chicken Run (2000)

Chickens on the farm at Chicken Run

If child cinephiles are too young to watch Great Escape, a classic war epic about British prisoners of war captured on a stalagmite in Poland, at the time Chicken Run is the next best thing. Chicken Run basically retelling Great Escape for a family -friendly audience, for seeing a group of chickens trying to escape the farm before they turn into a chicken meat pie.

Although there never was Great Escape 2, the animated film sequel could see the herd retell another classic film that is not suitable for children. However, there has been a follow-up in development over the years, and the latest update is Chicken Run 2 will be on Netflix, but projects in development aren’t always visible from day to day.

9 Over The Hedge (2006)

In his face, Over the Hedging is another sign of DreamWorks Animation, as it sees a group of stupid talking animals doing things that animals don’t normally do. But in fact this is one of the most underrated films in animation studio filmography.

The film has a tried and true animal and human premise, only the most creative film. It’s a mystery why the film never got a sequel, as DreamWorks has a green light sequel to almost all of their animal -related animated films. The film was also unsuccessful, grossing more than $ 340 million worldwide.

8 Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Atlantis The Lost Empire City View

One of the most widely used narratives in the sci-fi genre is the search for the lost city of Atlantis, however Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of the most neglected. The protagonist Milo succeeds in his quest for Atlantis and decides to stay there, while the rest of the crew returns to the surface. The sequel can follow his life living there and discovering more items that have long been lost, or maybe living under city water isn’t so.

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There is no way The Lost Empire once got a sequel, as it had a massive box office performance, which is a rare type for a Disney-produced animated film. That was the time, and the sequel should immediately follow, but because there was a new interest in Atlantis with success Aquaman, the time for a sequel may be now.

7 The Simpsons (2007)

Martin defeated the bully in The Simpsons Movie

Though The Simpsons movie largely fun, there really isn’t much fans like about this show. There were no memorable musical numbers and half of the film was also not screened in Springfield. There should be a quick follow -up when the development team is still at its creative peak, and that may include everything that wasn’t in the first film.

The first took years to be correct, as The Simpsons movie through 100 rewrites. It’s no surprise that the development team isn’t in a hurry to track the sequel, even though it generated more than half a billion dollars at the box office. In any case, even though it may be too late, The Simpsons 2 movie is in development, but may be in longer development.

6 Naik (2009)

Carl and Russell Up

Upward is a phenomenal stand -alone Pixar film, but unlike studio competition, Pixar doesn’t feel the need to franchise it all. However, in doing so, Pixar gave its sequel effort and effort the same as the original film.

Either Toy Story 3 or Extraordinary 2, some Pixar sequels even surpass their predecessors. One Upward the sequel writes itself and there is so much potential, as being able to see Carl and Russell visit more uncharted territory in their helium balloon home. Luckily, even if it’s not a feature film, there will be a spin-off in the form of the so-called Disney + series Hari Gali.

5 The Spirit of Distance (2004)

Chihiro and Haku in Spirited Away

Miyazaki almost retired before this Lost of spirit, but that’s a good job he doesn’t, because it’s a famous movie at Studio Ghibli. This is also one of the few anime movies that made it mainstream. There’s so much potential for a follow -up, but unfortunately, like Pixar, Studio Ghibli rarely makes a sequel.

In fact, the beloved anime studio never made a sequel, opting to make a more original film instead. However, Lost of spirit build a world with so much depth and intrigue, and considering how much is going on in the background of each frame, fans can only see the world.

4 9 (2009)

9 critically criticized and massively low-performing at the box office, but it certainly has its fans, and can grow and improve with the sequel. The film follows a group of cloth puppets who remain the only ones, and much of the film sees them interact with the remnants of a post-apocalyptic world.

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Still, it’s more than just mood, as the film is about inventive design and aesthetics rather than narrative. It also has some of the best visual effects in animated films outside of Pixar. Just like other films from this decade, 9 did a great job in building the world, and that also left some unanswered mysteries, which may be explored in the sequel.

3 Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Rabbit is from Aardman Studios, the same creator Chicken Run, and the two share different clay -made stop motion animations. This is what Aardman is famous for, and very poetic as he made the 2005 film, as the studio was built on top of three Wallace & Gromit short films released in the 80s and 90s.

Curse of the Rabbit is Aardman’s best Animated film, and it’s a shame that this film never got a follow-up, especially since there are so few stop-and-go movies these days. However, rotation Shaun Sheep not only got the movie, but the sequel as well.

2 Animatrix (2003)

Robots in Animatrix

As Matrix the trilogy is mainly about Neo, many people may not know how far the rabbit hole goes. There’s a lot of Matrix knowledge outside of film, whether in comic books or video games, and a lot of it is far more interesting than its two sequels. But the media filled with the most compelling ideas and well -developed stories is animated films Animatrix.

In fact some fans think that it is the best movie in the Matrix franchise, as it explores the war between humans and machines in a much better way than The Matrix Revolution. Since it consists of nine short stories full of different narratives and protagonists, they are likely to keep going. But because of new interest in the series to come The Rise of the Matrix, this can be the perfect time for any Animatrix 2.

1 Titan AE (2000)

Cale Tucker - Titan AE

Titan AE is a massive box office bomb that unfairly doesn’t get the attention it deserves. For now, the film has some interesting visuals, and the story is nice too, but has a much more adult narrative and a story that might be difficult for children to follow.

While there is no sequel, there are two series novels that are prequels of the film. Sequels can see a continuation or even an adaptation of the prequel novels, and it may have a Animatrix approaching it, heading for a more mature audience.

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