9 Best Movies About Aspiring Writers

The pen is stronger than the sword, and that belief is held by the characters from these nine films. All are ambitious writers, from the introvert Charlie who writes on the typewriter The The Benefits Of Being A Wall Of Flowers, to novice rock critic William who was taken on a tour with the group at Almost famous.

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Films are often centered on artists, musicians, and authors, as the creative men and women behind them may be inspired by what they know. Among a large number of creative protagonists, these films featuring the author stand out as the best.

9 The Benefits of Being a Wall Flower (2012)

Logan Lerman in Profits Becoming a Wall of Flowers

Based on Stephen Chbosky’s popular teen novel, this bizarre film of a young man suffering from depression is an upcoming masterpiece. Logan Lerman plays Charlie, who misunderstands his family. When he meets Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), they bring Charlie under their wings, boosting his confidence, and their group shares a special teenage adventure in Pittsburgh in the 1990s, which Charlie recorded in a letter addressed to a friend who is not named.

Charlie’s goal is to be a writer. He idolizes the likes of Salinger, and his well-preserved English teacher (Paul Rudd) lends him classic American novels to inspire his writing. The film is great because it shows the depth of Charlie’s emotions through the narration of his voice, which stays true to his original novel. The audience has no doubt that he will be a great writer, and his experience throughout the film provides the perfect material for writing.

8 Ruby Sparks (2012)

Calvin type on a typewriter in Ruby Sparks.

In one of his must -see performances, Paul Dano plays Calvin, a young novelist who is suffering from Second Book Syndrome. Yet, above all, she wants someone to love and share her life. That person, Ruby Sparks, wanted to exist when Dano started writing about it on his typewriter.

The film is mystical and absurd with comedy performances, especially from Zoe Kazan as Ruby, and Elliot Gould as a therapist. Aside from Calvin’s ability to make a lover out of thin air, the film doesn’t glorify a writer’s life like other films. Instead, Dano is upset and depressed until Ruby enters his life, the only true friend being his dog Scotty.

7 How to Build a Girl (2019)

The film has the most angry and ambitious protagonist in recent years. How to Build a Girl starring Beanie Feldstein as an aspiring writer obsessed with women poets and novelists of the early 20th century. Yet, when the idea of ​​writing about rock music entered his head, he turned someone into one of London’s most biting rock critics, beating every band he heard – even the ones he liked – and dissatisfied his family and friends in the process.

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In addition to humor and boldness, the film faces topical issues, such as sexism in the workplace. The male writer is rude, inviting Johanna to sit on their lap and initially hires her because one of them wants to sleep with her. However, there were some moments of justice and catharsis, and a brilliant portrayal of the British working class of the 1990s.

6 Almost Famous (2000)

In a semi-autobiography Almost famous, William Miller, fifteen years old was in his first writing assignment for The stone rolled magazine. This saw him go around with rock band Stillwater, where a lot of adults packed up in a tough few weeks. One of director Cameron Crowe’s best films, he is based on William’s own experience as a rookie rock journalist on a tour with the Allman Brothers group.

One of the highlights of the film is William’s relationship with his writing mentor Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman), which inspires William to pretend to be an adult until he gets his first writing show. The world of rock journalism is described as interesting but disappointing, as edited by the editors The stone rolled don’t believe William’s article is true. Even so, the film is very interesting to watch, with an Oscar-nominated performance from Frances McDormand and a kick-ass soundtrack.

5 Stuck in Love (2012)

Greg Kinnear is usually not played in a preferred role. Caught in love, in which he plays the father of the writer’s miserable family of writers, more recently, is no exception. Thankfully, her two children, played by Lily Collins and Nat Wolff, are the focal point of the story. Sam is the eldest son of his own who has just received his script by the publisher, while Rusty is a talented poet who is more interested in the girl he likes.

Despite raising two talented writers, Bill (Kinnear) has set a bad example to his children when making love, leaving Sam disappointed. The film finally tells the story of the three of them – Bill, Sam, and Rusty – solving their problems and achieving their love -related goals. This is a drama with a comedy performance from Kristen Bell as Bill’s girlfriend, and Logan Lerman as a sensitive man who falls in love with Sam and tries to get him away from cynicism.

4 Help (2011)

Emma Stone typed on a typewriter at night at The Help.

Help has a rich ensemble cast with several protagonists, including Aibileen, an African American maid who worked for a white family in the 1960s Mississippi. She and other maids experience embarrassing racism, led by the ruthless Hilly Hollybrook (Bryce Dallas Howard). That’s where Skeeter comes in. Emma Stone plays one of the few non-racist white people and aspiring journalists who began building a collection of maid stories, documenting racist attitudes in the city.

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Help has some very difficult scenes – one of the maids is violently arrested and some of the racist language used by the white woman is foul. However, it has its share of joys and heart -warming moments. The “Minny’s Chocolate Pie” scene is unforgettable, as is the one with Skeeter’s mother ordering Hilly out of her property. And the success of Skeeter’s book, published by New York -based Harper & Row, makes all things sneak in even more rewarding.

3 Resurrection (2006)

Phillip and Erik take to the streets in the movie Reprise.

A profession that is competitive and difficult to infiltrate because writing is sure to cause discord among friends or family. That is the premise of this revered Norweigan film from Joachim Trier. Two of his good friends, Phillip and Erik, both submitted their manuscripts to the publisher at the same time. One is accepted, the other is not. And the rest of the film features their different trajectories – sex, celebrities, and parties. Psychiatric visits and bitter quarrels.

The film is sometimes funny, often sad, and very emotional. His highest achievement is how he portrays the deteriorating relationship between these best friends, with a melancholy walk along the beach interspersed with exhilarating yet imaginative clips that show how Phillip hopes he can act with Erik.

2 Adult World (2013)

Emma Roberts sits on her bed in the movie Adult World.

Adult World not as well -known or critically acclaimed as suggested by its star cast. John Cusack, Emma Roberts, and Evan Peters star in this indie film about an aspiring poet who takes a job at a sex shop to support his poetry career.

This may not be one of Emma Roberts ’most memorable roles, but she still gives a very charming and funny performance, especially in the scene where she is questioning her hut, played by Cusack, in all respects of poetry. The young writer’s struggles are the foreground, as Roberts ’character receives many letters of rejection and worries that he doesn’t have enough life experience to write something important enough. So this is a motivational film to watch for anyone striving to succeed in the creative profession.

1 Doors On The Floor (2004)

Eddie was taking a coke from the kitchen when Ted looked confused next to him at The Door in the Floor.

In John Irving’s adaptation of this A Widow for One Year, Jeff Bridges plays a children’s author who is parting ways with his wife. He hires Eddie (Jon Foster), an ambitious writer who sees the character of Bridges, to be his assistant and driver. The setting of the film on the edge of Long Island features a clear absence of color, with pale blue and white adding to the film’s gloomy nuances.

Door on the Floor not a pleasant watch, but it is a moving drama that deals with adultery, grief, and ambition. The relationship between Ted (Bridges) and Eddie is also interesting, as the young man gradually sees Ted’s true side and has to decide what kind of writer he will do, and what path he will take in treating others, especially women.

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