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Our top 12 picks for the best ballet movies of all time are sophisticated! For this negotiation, we consider any narrative or documentary film that puts a dance form in front and center to be fair play. We include moving pictures of dancing in a variety of genres. This highly recommended film will keep you entertained, and may even inspire you to learn more about classical performing arts. All titles are available for rent and broadcast on major digital platforms.

Here it is 12 best ballet movies ever.

The best ballet movie

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1. Red Shoes (1948)

The gold standard of ballet pictures. Widely regarded as one of the best English films ever, Michael Powellstar of impressionistic work Moira Shearer as a ballerina torn between her love and the demands of her art.

Powell was one of the most respected filmmakers of his day, his career tragically interrupted after the 1960s Peeking at Tom, an early slasher that was too surprising for the audience at the time (now considered an all -time timer, e.g. Red shoes).

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IMG_7391.CR2 (Fox Search Lights)

2. Black Swan (2010)

One of the few horror pictures ever nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, Darren AronofskySupernatural ballet freakouts are collected Natalie Portman sweep the awards season in the Best Actress category. Black Swan is a parable about the dangers of obsession and perfectionism. Perfection is not human nature.


3. Company (2003)

The last film from an American master Robert Altman stars Malcolm McDowell and that which is always great is underestimated Neve Campbell, who also produced the project and also wrote the story. Critics are usually very good Company, noting that Altman’s very light, fly-on-wall perceptual touch is still very intact.

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4. Preoccupation (1952)

Padang WC famous as the early auteur of cinema Charlie Chaplin “The greatest ballet dancer ever to live,” and in his last picture, a perfect combination of comedy and pathos, Chaplin plays a depressed stage clown, once great who is saved from suicidal tendencies by a dancer (Claire Bloom). Chaplin is a master, and today Preoccupation often regarded as his very profound personal work.

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(20th Century Fox / Getty Images)

5. Dizziness Point (1977)

Great screen Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft stars as opposed to real life dance legends Leslie Brown and Mikhail Baryshnikov in Herbert RossA juicy soap melodrama in the world of New York City ballet. It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.


6. Billy Elliot (2000)

Jamie Bell became an international star (and the youngest BAFTA Best Actor winner) thanks to Stephen DaldryAn exciting and emotional drama about a boy becoming a professional ballet dancer in northeast England during the 1984-85 coal miners ’strike. Sometimes Billy Elliot feels like an augmented reality, but clever writing and great acting (Julie Walters play dance teacher Billy) continue we invest fully. You will laugh; you will cry.

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7. Suspiria (1977)

Somehow amazing and rubbish at the same time, Dario ArgentoGore-festivals are disappointing audio-visuals, if thematically light. This is just about a group of ballet students being slaughtered by a supernatural force; there is mystery but not much beneath the surface. Stunning visuals, great killing and Goblin the score makes this an international fan favorite.

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8. Suspiria (2018)

Luca GuadagninoA very confusing remake that starred Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton much heavier than its predecessor’s dance (certainly there was a time, with a full hour added) Some critics say that the rethinking was bold and brilliant; others call it a random slogan. You become a judge.


9. First position (2011)

Bess KargmanThe well -reviewed documentary follows six young dancers as they prepare for the opportunity to enter the world of professional ballet through the American Youth Grand Prix.


10. Center Pentas (2000)

Nicholas HytnerThe mature teen drama centers on a variety of young dancers at a NYC ballet academy. Simple beat in time, The main stage has a large fan base to this day. The main stage also marks the debut of the now-megastar feature Zoe Saldana.

11. A The Story of the Ballerina (2015)

Life and resurrection Misty Copeland, the first African-American woman to be promoted to lead dancer in the 75-year history of The American Ballet Theater, is explored in this famous or reductive documentary. Prince (who died a year after the film was released) made a major contribution to the Kickstarter production campaign. An hour -long film clip has aired on PBS ‘ Free Lens, and on the PBS website.


12. Jump! (2017)

Sometimes very difficult and not embarrassing, but sweet enough in its messages about friendship, teamwork and determination, this CGI adventure comedy follows an ambitious toddler dancer in 19th century France. It’s streaming on Netflix.

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