Draft Day Is The Best and Worst Sports Film

Draft Day is a great and awful sports movie. Here’s how the film might have been both.

Kevin Costner has starred in many sports films throughout his career, so it keeps track of his appearances Draft Day, which is the best and worst sports movie of all time. The film is the fictional story of the 2014 NFL draft when Sonny Weaver Jr. (Costner), General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, must find a way to solidify his legacy and improve his team armed only with a seventh overall plan. But Draft Day actually contains a bit of real sports, with the football scene mainly in the form of highlights and real action taking place in the league general manager’s office. Somehow it’s a sports film that doesn’t contain any sports, yet it’s shot and arranged like a movie.

Draft Day directed by Ivan Reitman, best known for his 1980s and 1990s comedy films, incl Ghostbusters and Kindergarten Cop. His philography shows that as a filmmaker and narrator, he is not afraid to give his full commitment or take full advantage of the film’s premise from the start. The tendency is fully displayed with Draft Day, because the film often goes overboard and pushes its level of humor at certain times. In fact, the whole climax is completely unrealistic, and frankly, it is almost impossible to unite under a second thought.

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In the meantime, however, the film has managed over the years to convince the audience to accept the climax in real time because of its way of unification. For starters, it works well to turn the audience into the right character. Yes, Sonny’s behavior towards his girlfriend and team payroll accountant Ali Parker (Jennifer Garner) isn’t ideal, but he still manages to captivate and root the audience for them to end up together.

The film also works well to determine why Vontae Mack (Chadwick Boseman) deserves to be a higher draft pick than other scouts and executives believe. So when Sonny made a daring game to make it ahead overall, the audience kept cheering and cheering even though the results were unrealistic. The same goes for Brian Drew (Tom Welling), who is the Browns quarterback at the moment and feels threatened by the possibility that Sonny will draft a new superstar quarterback. And with all the logic in the real world, Sonny has to design Bo Callahan and build a stronger team. Still, the film makes the audience cheer when Sonny makes Mack’s show as a whole and ends up not making Callahan’s show at all. Those moments end up playing out like big game winners, or game-saving games in traditional sports movies.

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The reason Draft Day able to create a strong positive emotional response during the ending of the film is that the story of this analyst and executive is arranged like a sports film with all the clichés associated with the genre. There’s an underdog story with Mack and Drew, a redemption story with Sonny, who tries to make peace with his mother, and a romantic subplot that contributes little to the plot but adds little color and intrigue to the protagonist. The actual filmmaking style also makes this film a great sports film as it uses fast -cutting techniques and quick steps found in the climax of some of the best genres, including Rocky, Miracle, and Proceed.

But what really makes a great sports film is the film’s ability to make the audience cheer for the right team and feel connected and included in their wins, on the scoreboard and in life. However, there is also a lack of actual sports being played, and actual sports-related decisions by the characters don’t make sense. Therefore, Draft Day has the unique ability to be the best and worst sports film.

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