Every James Wan Film, Best Worst Rating (Including Malignant)

Horror legend James Wan is back together Malignant, but how does the Giallo -inspired outing rank among the many beloved blockbusters? Released in 2004, gloomy and cruel Seeing launching Wan into the mainstream; the low-budget film breathes fresh air for horror fans, combining a mystery-thriller plot with crowded premise. Seeing avoiding the Japanese-inspired supernatural tales that dominated the genre at the time to offer excruciating and realistic suffering in horrific life-or-limb violence.

Director James Wan made a name for himself with an indie hit, which was a huge success at the box office. However, the next few films received less critical acclaim and huge commercial success, and it wasn’t until 2010 that the director found himself back in the books of horror fans and mainstream audiences. Year 2011 Cheating and in 2013 The Conjuring saw Wan perfect his fun horror style, and both of these films succeeded as hits that soon spawned a franchise.

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However, Wan is not satisfied with the horror alone. By 2015, the director was successful Angry 7 and, in the process, helps Fast & Furious the franchise’s transformation from a fairly grounded racing movie that they started as a crazy movie, the now famous heist movie. Shortly after this, Wan returned to The Conjuring franchise before moving into larger and more ambitious blockbuster territory with the entry of DCEU Aquaman. Aquaman proved to be a great response during its release and Wan was not heard from again until the recent release Malignant, the return of Giallo who was inspired to be a supernatural horror for the helmer. So, how do the rankings of Wan’s ten films compare to each other, and which (if any) are worth skipping?

Death sentence

death sentence 2007 kevin bacon

Starring the slightly confused Kevin Bacon (who has too much intensity and a barely hidden threat for the sweet family man to go through in the opening scene), 2007 Death sentence is anger Death Wish artificial which is Wan’s weakest release to date. Credit where it has to be paid, Death sentence far from terrible. This thriller is clearly less reactionary than the original two Death Wish films and remakes of Eli Roth’s work, and like the source novel, Death sentence managed to give his antagonists a modic amount of humanity and complexity, unlike many R -rated revenge thrillers. That said, horror legend Kevin Bacon was never quite restless as a meek executive turned into a cold -blooded assassin, his political comments wrong -headed and paper thin and, aside from one or two bravura sequences, Wan’s talent with the camera is hardly showcased in the unusual inert show from him.

Cheating: Chapter 2

There’s a good reason that the sequel is a curse to even the most forgiving existence of horror fans. Cheating: Chapter 2 has some impressive surprises and some unforgettable villains, but the sequel struggles to match the intensity of its original sleep deprivation mainly because, back then it was a struggle to believe that Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, or their beloved son would be killed in the first film, his bet there is but none for the returning character in the film. The next franchise exit cleverly shifts to other characters, but this remains Wan’s most compelling horror quest.

The Conjuring 2

Valak Sang Biarawati

The Conjuring the franchise gradually became less intimidating as the atmospheric horrors of the first film slowly gave way to greater fear and gradually exploded, but the second show still bothered the audience even though it couldn’t match the effectiveness of its predecessor. Moving the action to England meant Warrens was trying to solve this haunting Enfield problem, but it was Valak the unforgettable monster who stole the film in the most effective scenes. An owned nun, Valak appears in a painting in a poignant sequence that makes up for this sequel’s shortcomings in its brutal efficiency as an elegant terrifying delivery machine.

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Angry 7

Paul Walker's fast and furious sight

While fellow series director Justin Lin is also responsible for charging a larger turbo than a larger life Fast & Furious franchise between sequels, Angry 7 marks the departure of the tone for the series. Wan gave Paul Walker swansong a surprisingly elegant feel, and many fans of the admittedly ridiculous franchise found themselves unexpectedly moved by the end of this 2015 stunt. It’s often hard for a series that is really silly like that Fast & Furious a film to deal with real -life tragedies gracefully, but Wan Angry 7 managed to be a compelling tribute to Walker and a fun, fast -paced, and non -stop charm ride at the same time and remains an artistic high point for the series.

Silent Dead

dead silence poster 2007

Wan will return to the fertile territory the demon puppet he possesses with Crouching round of Annabelle franchise, but before the series, the director led a still -less obvious failure that saw the creepy toy become the main stage as a villain of a horror story in a small town. Silent Dead subsequently ignored at the box office and dismissed by critics even as the film reunited Wan with Seeing/Cheating author Leigh Whannell. Yet, despite having a bad reputation, Silent Dead is a clever and fast -paced horror that overcomes some of Wan’s more well -known and financially successful endeavors. Starring Ryan Kwanten as an unlucky warrior who returns to his hometown to find out the cause of the curse that befell his family, Silent Dead is a bit of a creepy southern gothic that is fast better than a disgusting reception when released.


Awesome new release Malignant seeing Wan at its peak, leaving Ed and Lorraine Warren to focus on a more gonzo and gruesome style of horror. Viewers who can’t stand the more murky and bizarre elements of the genre will surely hate the story of a female heroine who sees a revenge murder in her sleep but can’t figure out how to stop it from happening in reality. However, anyone who appreciates Giallo’s outrage will love this surprising plot and surprising direction.


Patrick Wilson and James Wan Aquaman 2

When Wan was announced as Arthur Curry’s first DCEU film director, fans were definitely skeptical. Is this horror pioneer a perfect fit for one of the camping heroes in the comic story? Luckily, Wan captures the bright summer blockbuster tone of the film while looking for the right hero in Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Fast and dramatic, but first and foremost, a fun thrill, Aquaman avoiding DCEU seriousness in favor of lighter tones and winning over both fans and a relaxed audience as a result.

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Released in 2010, Cheating combines elements of fantasy, horror, and family drama in such an exhilarating story. Centered around a midfield that is undeniably effective –“It’s not your haunted house, it’s your sonThis thrilling film saw Patrick Wilson launch his career as a horror film leading people with a nervous and alluring central turn. Rose Byrne is great and there is no weak link in the supporting cast, but Wan’s direction is starring here. Cheating is an exhilarating combination of Nightmares On Elm Road and The Exorcist which marks him as a serious talent in the genre.


Detective Tapp in the opening of the video game Saw.

It is still just as effective as when released, which is surprisingly restrained Seeing is a more brutal exercise in genre storytelling than much criticized by critics. With nothing outrageous from the sequel and many imitations of their “porn torture”, SeeingThe simple but effective story of two men trapped in a cell with corpses and a ticking clock is a very ingenious and brutal psychological film that quickly gets the hype received upon release. Either a lot of imitations, or a recent reboot Circle or Seeing the sequel can recapture the miracle, but that’s just proof of the effectiveness of Wan’s killer vision for this grim cooler.

The Conjuring

Farmiga and Wilson in The Conjuring

Still the strongest director’s effort from Wan, The Conjuring is an undeniably, terrifying, and powerful haunted house that proves a potentially exhausted sub-genre can still produce legitimately effective events. The ghost hunting case of Ed and Lorraine Warren was seen on film in 2013, but The ConjuringThe slow horror and very tense atmosphere make this film an exercise in impeccable genre filmmaking. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are great because they are both beloved paranormal investigators, their moves are perfect, and even Wan’s fear of jumps is more frightening than annoying. From the scary opening to the closing credit, The Conjuring as powerful as the haunted house horror as Hollywood once offered, and remains Wan’s best film to date.

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