More than a Movie: Better News on Dietrich

Are you looking for good news today?

In these uncertain times it’s very reassuring to have good news, so you’ll be very tempted to hear that the Fall Film Festival at the Dietrich Theater is scheduled for October 8th to October 28th, with a line-up of films that will delight and enlighten you.

As Erica said, “This is really Tribeca Tunkhannock!” 21 movies in 21 days. 21 funny, warming, historical, thrilling foreign and independent films that you can see here in the historic city center of Tunkhannock. Film booker Ronnie Harvey and Executive Director Erica Rogler are happy to share with you.

Erica was very impressed with the variety of documentaries in the festival: from Frida Kahlo to Hidden Life of Trees. Let me satisfy your taste buds by telling you about a few of them.

“Exhibition on Screen: Frida Kahlo” presents a new perspective on the life and work of an innovative artist, helping us understand her art and passion for life, politics, men and women.

“The Hidden Life of a Tree” features the author of the best -selling book, Peter Wohleiben, who understands the basic language and brings us new knowledge of how they communicate with each other.

A large number of us missed the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival in New York City, making the new film “Summer of Soul” the first chance to see the performances of Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Sly and the Stone Family, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and more.

For comic relief for all cat lovers, “Cat Video Fest 2021” is a must see. The film is a compilation of the best cat video submissions, sure to captivate and delight us all cat owners, just sheer fun and celebration of our appreciative feline friends. The filmmakers use the proceeds to help help charities and cat shelters, a needy and deserving purpose.

I can’t wait for our Oktoberfest Opening Night Gala on Friday, October 8, when his flagship films are “Swan Song” and “Road Runner: A Movie About Anthony Bourdain.” I always gather as many relatives to join me for Opening Night, an amazing appetizer night, beer, wine, delicious desserts, and incredible company. It is not too early to make your reservation by calling 570-836-1022 ext. 3.

I vividly remember our first Touch-a-Truck event three years ago when so many showed up at Lazy Brook Park in Tunkhannock to get up close and personal with large rigs and other vehicles. Everyone, children and adults, had the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat, sound the horn, and hear the story of the owner and driver. It was raining that day, but no one cared. Just a day to have fun and be friends with the drivers and their vehicles that we normally walk on the highway.

This year Touch-a-Truck returns on Saturday, Sept. 18 at 11 a.m. at Lazybrook Park with 15 trucks, including school buses, horse trailers, game warden vehicles and bear transfer units, ambulances, fire engines, fuel delivery trucks, and many more. Food trucks like Mannings Ice Cream, Giddy Up and Go Snack Shop, and Southwest Savory will be there to help make your day over. New this year will be Pop Toys and other vendors for children. Admission is $ 5 per person, to support the children’s program at the Dietrich Theater. Tunkhannock Touch a Truck is sponsored by ABARTA Coca-Cola Beverages, Austin-Corps, Comfort Inn & Suites, D&M Construction Unlimited, Inc., Ranwood, Inc., Riverfront Sports, Milnes Engineering, Construction & Survey, Reeves Rent-a-John, Sherwood Freightliner, WNEP-TV Channel 16, Sherman Construction, and The Freeze.

Thanks also to the Dietrich Fundraising Committee for all your hard work.

I don’t know about you, but in the midst of the recent loss of a friend of mine, along with the onslaught of a crisis in our world, I’m always looking for good news. I got a lot of good news here as I sat at my desk in Dietrich. Now I can look forward to three weeks of the best foreign and independent films starting October 8th. What a gift! And I can look forward to the excitement of both young and old as they enter Lazybrook Park for Touch-a-Truck on September 18th.

Won’t you come and enjoy this good news event with us?

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