Superman: Canceled Game Surface Recording, Inspired by JLU

The main planner in the canceled Superman game opened up about the project, detailing how the battle was influenced by Justice League Unlimited.

Information on the canceled Superman game inspired by the action at Justice League Unlimited recently appeared online.

The lead designer of the canceled Superman project, known on Twitter as Salvatrix, opened up on Twitter about the game. The game is designed to mimic the great brawls seen throughout the area Justice League Unlimited. As Superman, players can explore vast urban areas, engage in ground and air battles and even knock enemies through entire buildings.

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Salvatrix describes the game as including, “Air fights, large urban environments, breaking through buildings, fast -paced target fights, knocking your enemies to the next block, shock waves from hits, grooves on the street or side of buildings … everything.” The game will also move away from the “traditional IP game stick.” This means the development team stays away from robotic enemies and krypton vulnerabilities. Superman will fight against enemies within the reach of his strength; concept art shared by Salvatrix highlights potential villains, including Parademon, Brimstone, Darkseid and Livewire.

While games and battles are inspired by Justice League Unlimited, Salvatrix noted that the game world is heavily inspired by Superman: Animation Series and the art of Hugh Ferriss.

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The brief video shared by Salvatrix shows the game very early, but the core design pillars are recognizable. The prototype shows Superman flying across the city, fighting enemies on the streets and breaking through buildings as he fights his enemies. Beyond just boxing, it seems that Superman’s hot sight and super breath are also mechanics to help players in battle.

Factor 5, the development studio behind the game, had developed a functional prototype and escalated to full -scale production when the global economy collapsed in 2008. The studio and publisher were forced to close, resulting in the cancellation of the game. “I’ve had a lot of unreleased games throughout my career, but this is the only one I grieve for to this day …” Salvatrix said.

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Superman has appeared in several video games, with varying degrees of success. The last game dedicated to the character was in 2006 Superman Returns: Video Game which was greeted by bad reviews from fans and critics. Recently, Superman has played an important role in Injustice a series of fighting games, developed by NetherRealm Studios.

Superman fans are closest to the new game is a recent tech demo built into Unreal Engine 5 that shows the character quickly traversing the city sky. Recent rumors suggest that Warner Bros. Montreal is currently developing a new Superman game, but impatient fans can see Big Blue Boyscout at the upcoming Rocksteady Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League where he seems to be acting a bit out of the ordinary …

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