The new ASUS Chromebook Flip appears on the 14 -inch CX5400

In a surprising and somewhat confusing move, ASUS has launched another new Chromebook with a name that is too similar to the device already launched here in 2021. If you remember, ASUS showed up until CES 2021 with several new Chromebooks and one of them (favorite us so far) is the ASUS Chromebook Flip CX5. Technically, this Chromebook also uses the names Flip CX5500 and / or Flip C536 depending on where you’re looking. In any case, this big 15.6 -inch Chromebook is a great device that we really like, but not the ASUS Flip replacement we were hoping for at all.

Along the way to the Flip C302, ASUS has gotten used to releasing new 13-14-inch converters every year. Flip C434, C433, and C436 all quickly come to mind as past convertible ones that we have loved by the company. When CES came and went with only a larger 15.6 -inch slip launched, we were a little confused. My gut was still telling me that there was a suitable 14 -inch transformer in the job and it turned out we were right. It looks like the ‘Collis’ has actually emerged as the successor to the more standard ASUS Chromebook Flip (based on the ‘Copano’ board) and it comes with a spec sheet that drops secrets and a pretty good price considering you’re all in the box.


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